The American Place

The American Place (TAP) is a division of Hartford Public Library (HPL), established in 2000. Fully aligned with our Library’s mission, TAP provides industry recognized certificate training, GED preperation services, English as a second language, and a nationally recognized U.S. Citizenship program supporting immigrants in achieving citizenship and becoming vested citizens. Our learning environment reflects Hartford’s shared civic values, rich history, and vibrant multiculturalism. We welcome all – whether U.S. born or newcomer immigrant.

We continue to safely offer services

All in-person classes have transitioned online. Students enrolled in online courses also receive live academic support and instruction via Zoom, WhatsApp, and other familiar tools. TAP’s legal staff members are also working remotely and are available to help you complete your Citizenship application and prepare for your Citizenship interview and civics in real time electronically. Please see below for instructions on how to access our services or Tel./Text: 860-490-8402 Email: